Private Vault

Our Private vaults are for wine enthusiasts who love to get close to their wine regularly. Sizes range from a modest 18 cases to large walk in vaults that can hold thousands of cases.


Private Vault customers can take advantage of:



7 day access using a PIN code and state of the art biometric hand recognition security technology. Winevault are one of the only facilities in Sydney secure enough to offer after-hours access.


Receiving Your Wine

When you use Winevault as your secure delivery point, you’ll avoid the inconvenience of having to be home when your wine is delivered from bottle shops, wine clubs or cellar door sales outlets. When your wine arrives we will place it in temporary secure storage and inform you of its safe arrival. It makes it much easier to take advantage of retailers’ free delivery services.


Auctions and Valuations vault1.JPG

If you’d like your wine sold or valued, we can provide information from Sydney’s most respected auction houses.



Giving you peace of mind, insurance is incorporated into your monthly storage account. No need to worry about valuing your wine on a monthly basis.


Easy Payment Options

Storage fees are charged monthly in advance based on the number of items stored. Payment can be made by cheque, credit card, direct debit or pay on line.


Online Access

Take advantage of My Cellar. You can use this great feature to catalogue all your wine, whether it’s at our place or yours. This gives you instant real time access to your holdings on-line, making it easy to keep track of your wine, post tasting notes and more. Take a tour. We will also record label or capsule conditions if necessary. Charges apply.